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Engineer in Boston MA
Employment History
Full Stack Software Engineer @ Coda
Boston, MA
Jan 2021Jan 2023
Canvas Column Gif
Canvas Columns
Created a new way to blend structured and unstructured data. Canvas columns allow users to create collaborative canvases inside the cells of regular tables. The result is a novel way to organize information within a familiar surface like a document.
Mention to Share Gif
Mention to Share
Developed a feature that allowed users to mention other Coda users as well as any valid email address in a document to share the document with them. It ultimately led to the successful growth of Coda's user base by leveraging the network effects of power users to appeal to their first and second connections.
Suggest Changes Gif
Suggest Changes
Prototyped and architected the initial version of this feature designed to allow users to suggest, edit, and accept new changes to their document.
Software Engineer @ Microsoft
Seattle, WA
July 2018Jan 2021
Mixed Reality Portal
Mixed Reality Portal
Developed and maintained the Mixed Reality Portal, the entryway to all VR expereinces on Windows Devices as part of the Cognition team. Work included everything from detecting issues with holographic driver setup, to enabling new out of box experiences.
Certificate Manager
Certificate Manager
Improved auditing, diagnosis, and validation tooling for device security and compliance. This capability enabled users to deploy, troubleshoot, and validate certificates at scale in commercial environments.
Side Projects
Founder @ ByBlack
Oakland, CA
Dec 2018Mar 2023
ByBlack Gif
Designed, architected, and built the core product of the business. Core responsibilities included developing the product roadmap, hiring, and helping define success for the organization.
B.A. Computer Science & Philosophy Columbia University
New York, NY
Aug 2014May 2018
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